The Left Bank Village Catering. Refined. Creative. Expertly Crafted.

Canapes. We have an exquisite canapes menu. Little bites to line the tummy when your guests first arrive! Canapes are £7.50 a head. To read the menu, click here.

Reception Drinks. Get things flowing with an arrival drink or two for each of your guests. Maybe a sparkling perry or cider? Or a wheelbarrow full of bottled beers and ice? Or some classic bubbly? Or even cocktails in jugs? To read the reception drinks menu, click here.

Our Left Bank Village Three Course Menu, perfect for Weddings, Formal Banqueting Evenings and Charity Dinners. 
The price per head for this tasteful and expertly crafted menu is £44.50. To read our formal banqueting three-course menu click here.

Other Celebration Three-Course Menus

The De Koffie Pot Kitchen Buffet is a beautiful overflowing spread of rustic yummyness. With a French provincial feel, it includes tarts, pies, artisan breads, meats, cheeses, wholesome heart salads and more. We can do a De Koffie Pot buffet spread suitable for any number and any occasion.

  • The De Koffie Pot Kitchen Wedding Buffet. £35 a head. To read the menu click here.
  • The De Koffie Pot Kitchen Birthday Party and Christening Buffet. £25 a head. To read the menu click here.
  • The De Koffie Pot Kitchen Funeral Reception Buffet. £12 – £16, depending on numbers. To read the menu click here.

A Classic Cold Buffet. Carved meats, veggie quiches, salads, buttery pots, artisan bread and desserts. £25 a head (£20 a head for 100+ guests). To read menu click here.

Our Filipino Menu

Looking for something a little more exotic with a tangy kick? If so, Our Filipino Menu will be perfect for your event. £25 a head. To read the menu, click here.

Vintage Teas 

  • Gold Standard Wedding Vintage Afternoon Tea. £30 a head. click here.
  • Vintage Afternoon Tea. Perfect for baby showers and hen-dos or general girlie get-togethers. £15 a head. click here.


Evening Food 

We have so many different evening food options at a range of prices. To see the full evening food list, click here.

Our Puddings List 

Our evening dessert table. click here.

Here is our full list of desserts and their prices. click here.

Kid’s Menu

If there are children attending your event, don’t worry we have options for them too. click here.

Corporate Menus

Are you holding a corporate event with us or small meeting? If so, we can provide a corporate lunch for those attending your event. Please choose one item from the corporate lunch menu. We can also provide tea/coffee and biscuits or tea/coffee and pastries at half time. To see the corporate lunch menu, click here. We also have a corporate breakfast menu, click here.

Vegan Extravaganza! A selection of all vegan canapes followed by a vegan three course meal. Price upon enquiry. To see menu, click here.