Evening Food at The Left Bank Village

Evening Food at The Left Bank Village

Our Filipino Extravaganza @ £25
For something really different, treat your guests to a real Filipino menu:

Menudo garbanzos (a pork stew with chick peas)
Filipino chicken adobo (slow-cooked chicken)
Malaysian style vegetarian pineapple curry
Vegetable bringe (rice with vegetables & spices)

Sea-food Paella or Vegan Paella @ £20
Cooked in front of your guests, this traditional Spanish Cuisine, is perfect for

The Left Bank BBQ @ £15
Please choose one of the following:

8oz Herefordshire Beef Burgers
Pork Sausage Hot Dogs with Fried Onions
Marinated Piri Piri Chicken
Lamb Koftas with Sour and Minted Cream
Vegetarian Option:
Falafel Burger 

To be accompanied by:
Baked Jacket Potatoes
Tomato and Cucumber Salad
Relish, Mustard and Mayonnaise

Our extra special Mexican Buffet @ £15
Pitta Bread Pockets with Mexican Chicken or Falafels
Paprika Potato Wedges
Served with Salads such as Red Cabbage Slaw and Tomato and Cucumber Salad
Tortilla Chips with Dips such as Guacamole, Hummus and Tomato Salsa

Classic Finger Buffet @ £12.50

Breaded chicken goujons with sweet chilli sauce. Various dim-sums. Cheese & chive puffs. Crudites with salsa. Scotch eggs. Indian flavoured crolines.

Hungarian Goulash @ £12
An authentic hearty recipe served with dumplings.

Cheese and Meat Spread @ £12
The following cheeses:
Herefordshire hop
Ripe Brie

The following meats:
Whole Honey Roast Ham
Farmhouse Pork and Chicken Terrine

Served with the following accompaniments
Crusty Breads and Butter
Grapes, Celery and Figs

Beef Chilli @ £11
Beef Chilli with French Sticks and White Basmati Rice

Chicken Curry @ £11
Chicken Curry with Chapattis and White Basmati Rice

Hog Roast

£10 a head:
Whole Hog carved in front of guests. Served in a Bap with Butter, Stuffing and Apple
Sauce, with a selection of Salads.
£8 a head:
Whole Hog carved in front of guests. Served in a Bap with Butter, Stuffing and Apple
Sauce. No salads.
£7 a head:
Carved from joints instead of whole Hog. Served in a Bap with Butter, Stuffing and Apple

Traditional Fish and Chip Van @ £10
Fish and Chips. Sausage and Chips. Battered Mushroom and Chips. Mushy Peas and
Curry Sauce.

Pizza’s in an Outdoor Wood Fired Oven @ £600 for minimum of 50 guests, £10 per guest thereafter

All Handmade Pizzas in the ‘Neapolitan’ tradition with a thin base, crispy crust and flavour packed toppings which may include Margarita, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Chicken Sweetcorn and BBQ Sauce, Veggie and Meat Feast (all cooked in an outdoor wood fired pizza oven to give a truly authentic taste).

Cone Food at £7
Please choose one of the following:

Sausage, Mash and Gravy in a cone
Chicken Goujons and Chips in a cone
Fish and Chips in a cone
Mini Veggie Burgers with Cheese and Gherkins in a cone

The Butty Option at £5
The Butty Option (Chips, Bacon or Fish Finger) with Ketchup on the side at £5 a head.

Wedding Cheese Cake Accompaniments at £3.50 

Apples, Figs, Grapes, Celery, A selection of chutneys, Crackers, Breadsticks, French baguettes, Butter

Evening Food @ The Left Bank Village