Politics, Environment and Ethics Wednesdays

3rd May 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Upstairs in De Koffie Pot

Are you someone with a passion for political conversation or someone that wants to become more engaged with politics? Do you have concerns about the local environment or an interest in global climate & energy issues? Do you enjoy ethical conversations and want the opportunity to explore a topical issue in more depth? If so, Politics, Environment and Ethics Wednesdays are for you.

They have been a massive success so far and are a collaboration between the groups Talk Shop, The Herefordshire Green Network, The Herefordshire Green Party and The Left Bank Village (which includes De Koffie Pot).

Upstairs in De Koffie Pot is the perfect place for it. These groups have a warm and inviting atmosphere. People feel comfortable expressing differences of opinion as well as enjoying finding someone who shares their point of view. Arrive anytime from 7pm for a 7.30pm start. You could even get a hot Pieminister pie with salad and chips while you are waiting if you are feeling peckish.

Here is the schedule of upcoming events:

WEDNESDAY 12th April: Herefordshire in Europe: How Did It Come To This? (and where do we go to now?)
You are invited to a short talk by David Tuffield looking at what really lies behind the current crisis between UK and EU followed by group workshops to try and find a solution. There will also be a talk by someone too young to vote, but who feels her future has been stolen. What can we do to ensure it isn’t? We are also hoping to announce information about an EU citizens initiative, a legally binding petition, that will ensure our rights as EU citizens are not lost.

WEDNESDAY 19th April: Herefordshire Green Network presents ‘Trees’ With Nic Howes and Mo Burns.

Herefordshire has a thriving and rapidly extending network of local Tree Wardens. Come and hear what they get up to in Hereford city and around the county, and how you can get involved. This is also an opportunity to find out about the work of the Herefordshire Tree Forum, who are mapping and protecting ancient and significant trees around the county, and work in partnership with organsiations across Herefordshire to increase our local trees.

WEDNESDAY 26th April: Hereford Sixth Form Mock Election Report

What is important to young people? We will hear from the students involved in the Hereford Sixth Form Mock Election and find out what they learnt and what issues are important to them.

WEDNESDAY 10th May: Local activist and environmental blogger presents Sustainable Transport, Local & Global?

What might ‘optimal transport’ look like? Do some people suffer from excessive mobility and others from too little? Can global trade be sustainable? What are the latest technological innovations towards zero emissions vehicles and transport infrastructure? Individually and collectively, what can we do in Hereford? Richard Priestley will give a talk, show slides and take questions. Here is a link to a blog article Richard has recently written on this subject: http://www.richardpriestley.co.uk/cities-and-cars/

WEDNESDAY 15th May: Herefordshire Green Network presents ‘Zero Carbon Updates’. 

Gordon Coppock will  bring us an update and all new workshop from his friends at Zero Carbon Britain. And immediately before the Gathering on the 15th May from around 6pm please join us for a rehearsal of the Turnastone Peace Choir.