Wednesday Discussion Night: How Do People Transform?

16th August 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Upstairs in De Koffie Pot

WEDNESDAY DISCUSSION NIGHT: How Do People Transform? Jon Dover gives a talk and invites discussion.

An exciting glimpse at the transformational ‘Integral’ theory, with guest speaker Jon Dover 7.30pm.

Also, come along beforehand at 6pm to sing with the Turnastone Peace Choir – everyone welcome, no singing expertise needed.


How Do People Transform?

We seem to be in a time of polarised sets of ideas and related dramatic events – Trump, Clinton, brevet, alt-right, alt-left. What can make sense of the conditions life is presenting us with? How do we evoke a sustainable mindset?

At our next of the HGN Gathering on the 16th August, Jon Dover will look at the development of human awareness and ideas over time, using leading edge research brought together by Ken Wilber’s integral theory and spiral dynamics.

The growth of our consciousness shows patterns that can be seen personally and in our organisations and whole societies as we have evolved. The evening will also seek to bring insight to the dynamics between sets of ideas, and offer a perspective that the current challenges may be calling a whole new ‘integral’ way of being into the world.