BBQ Wedding Breakfast

BBQ Wedding Breakfast at The Left Bank Village 

£35.00 per person


Platters are served to the table for guests to help themselves:

Peppered sirloin of Herefordshire beef

Reggae reggae chicken breast

Teriyaki salmon fillet

Homemade pork sausages

Falafel burger with tomato salsa

Choose five from our homemade salad selections:

Mixed green leaf salad- fresh iceberg, radicchio, rocket, cucumber &spring onions

Cherry vine tomatoes and basil salad with fresh pesto

New potatoes with butter and fresh mint

Moroccan cous cous salad with dates and apricots

Tomato with red onion salsa

Ranch slaw- Celeriac, fennel, carrots, red cabbage spring onion, Dijon mustard and crème fraiche

Roasted Mediterranean vegetable salad with balsamic glaze

Nicoise salad with feta cheese

Penne pasta, red & yellow peppers, black olives, red onions, tomatoes & basil

Basmati rice, spicy dressing, mango, almonds and sultanas

Orzo pasta with pine nuts, red pesto and parmesan

(accompanied by fresh bread and butter)