Le Cafe Parisian at The Left Bank Village

11th January 2019 @ 8:00 pm
De Koffie Pot
The Events Team
01432 357753

Le Cafe Parisian LIVE at the Left Bank Village’s De Koffie Pot

LE CAFE PARISIAN is a musical and cultural journey through the streets, cafes and terraces of Europe, expect to hear Hot Club Swing, Classical Themes, adventures into Romani and Celtic Music, and vintage Songs, all delivered with a fresh new twist.  A veritable melting pot of astounding musicianship and novel arrangements, all delivered with a sense of warmth and fun to make for a cracking night’s entertainment! You can find more information on our web site at www.andylawrenson.co.uk

The Andy Lawrenson Trio are making waves in Village Halls, Festivals, Theatres and  Jazz Clubs up and down the UK with their current show LE CAFÉ PARISIAN. An exciting, entertaining and highly original blend of 1930’s Hot Club Swing from Paris, Broadway Songs and European Café Music, flavoured with Classical Themes and Celtic tunes.

“From the very first notes we were absolutely enthralled!”

“I loved the way you all carry on with each other! You must really enjoy working together to have that relationship on stage, and it draws the whole audience into the show.”

The outstanding level of musicianship exhibited by these three musicians, and the exciting interplay between Andy’s Violin, Simon’s Guitar and Paul’s Double Bass could perhaps best be described as inspired musical telepathy.  However, this show is not just about the music, there is great entertainment in the on-stage banter and general carry on between songs, which never fails to draw in an audience and get everyone involved in the fun.

“You have a really varied set – we had no idea what was coming next!”

LE CAFÉ PARISIAN will have the audience hanging to the edge of their seats, as the show moves seamlessly from a Broadway song to a Grappelliesque Hot Club Swing number to a Paganini Caprice with an Irish Reel in the middle of it! No wonder this show has enthralled and captured a diverse range of audiences all over the country!




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