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17th April – HGN Gathering: Climate Emergency Declaration

Now that Herefordshire Council has declared a Climate Emergency, how can we acheive the aspiration of a Zero Carbon County by 2030? Organised by: Herefordshire Green Network

24th April – Easter Break

Taking a break. There will not be a discussion night this week.

1st May – Food, Sustainability and Health

We are what we eat, yet we know little about our food. Where does it come from? Let’s talk about food initiatives that contribute to our health, well-being and sustainability. Organised by: Creating a Happier, Healthier Herefordshire

8th May – Woodland Trust

The talk explores the history of our woodlands in the UK, going from the ice age to modern times, and shows how there is so little left of the original woodlands and why it is important to life in Britain. Organised by: Woodland Trust UK

15th May – The History of British Liberalism

A fascinating talk from George Potter of the Social Liberal Forum on the development of Liberalism as a philosophy in Britain, including the social and historical context that drove various developments in thinking over the course of about two centuries from 1700 to 1939. Organised by: Social Liberal Forum

22nd May – Size of Herefordshire Film Showing

Our local save the rainforest charity ‘Size of Herefordshire’ screens their new film raising awareness about the issue and their campaign. Organised by: Size of Herefordshire


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